If you are a fan of Shakespeare and Twin Peaks, I think you will enjoy the series Bedlam and the original score that I have composed for it. Just to give you a taste, the trailer above features various clips from my original score. 

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Bedlam is currrently making the rounds at film festivals. The Original Score for the new  Bedlam series will be available in late 2021. The premiere date for the series has not been announced.

The short film BARDO was made out of the show BARDO, an 80 minute one woman performance work that premiered in February 2020.

The Bardo film and music was made for anyone navigating grief and loss.

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In June of 2020, I had the pleasure of producing and composing music for the the singer-songwriter and performer Monelise. Her latest single "Clockwork Heart" will be available Oct. 8th here.  

The track was produced, arranged, and mixed here at Tic Talk Studios with vocals written and recorded by the talented Monelise.

The track can best be described as a mix of Cocteau Twins and Björk with soaring ethereal vocals and a cinematic atmosphere.

Listen here:


BARDO, an evening-length Dance/Theatre solo performance, premiered February 2020 at Shaking the Tree Theatre in Portland, Oregon.


BARDO is a conjuring and a conversation between the dying and the grieving. It challenges dominant narratives around death and explores the transition states of dying, of grieving, and of a relationship moving from the physical plane...

In order to reach a wider audience, BARDO is being made into a short film by Portland director and filmmaker Sophia Wright Emigh. It will be screened at festivals, conferences, and hospices.

"Duet (Piano)"

Above is a short excerpt from the film with music composed at Tic Talk Studios for the dance piece. Release date TBD.


Now Available Here 

“…as raw as flayed skin…Bardo takes us from grief to rage to anguished acceptance.”

- Willamette Week

“...brought me to tears. BARDO’s story is raw and cuts deep. For those of us who have experienced deep loss, Butler-Denman’s recount is honest, vulnerable, and true to the reality of death’s grasp on the people it leaves behind.”

- Oregon Arts Watch

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"A Lovely Malady" is now available to download for free or by donation at Bandcamp.

Based on the H.P. Lovecraft story "A Thing At The Doorstep", this music was written to underscore the play "A Thing At The Doorstep: Aesenath's Tale", which was performed in London at Ecetera Theatre in Camden and The Old Red Lion Theatre.

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Here is a spooky orchestral arrangement now available for download. This was composed earlier in the year for a play titled At The Mountains of Madness. It was performed during the London H.P. Lovecraft festival. You can still catch one of the plays at The Old Red Lion Theatre Nov. 1st-3rd.

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…A real treasure in the making…pain and beauty at play here in equal measure."

 Analogue Trash

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Out Fell The Spider is the latest self produced album release containing New Wave 80s throwback instrumentation and electronica.



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