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Being Your Slave - William Shakespeare: Sonnet 57 (Lyric Video)

Being Your Slave - William Shakespeare: Sonnet 57 (Lyric Video)

Music and Production by Ahmond Lyrics by William Shakespeare Photos by Ashley Garrett Film stills from Bedlam: The Series (Derek Aspenberg, DP) The new single "Being Your Slave" will be available for download during the special waived fee Friday November 5th at Follow Ahmond on Bandcamp here: Watch Bedlam: The Series at For more information visit In 2020, Ahmond was approached to score and write songs for a television series called Bedlam, based on the works of William Shakespeare. Being Your Slave is William Shakespeare's Sonnet 57 reimagined as a post-punk rock song by Ahmond who performs in-character as a misanthropic lead singer of an '80s band in a Shakespearean universe. This song is also sung by the character Slender at an open mic in episode 3 of the series. BEDLAM: THE SERIES twists Shakespearean characters and plots we know and love - King Lear, The Merry Wives of Windsor, The Merchant of Venice - into a new story of love, deceit, betrayal, and revenge. More The Sopranos than doublet and hose, in BEDLAM you'll find family drama, organized crime, and romantic comedy stewed together and told in Shakespeare's own delicious words. This mini-season enters you into this fractious, delightful world where everything may not be exactly as it seems - but it is BEDLAM. Small-time crime boss Linda “King” Lear is sick. Her attempt to retire early is a debacle that devolves into a bloody family fight for control of Windsor City. Suddenly forced to retire, Lear splits up the business among her three children, expecting them to take turns caring for her during chemo. But her two oldest daughters, Goneril and Regan, are out for themselves. Lear disowns her youngest, favorite kid, Cordelia, who runs off with a dashing rival crime lord named France. Meanwhile, Lear’s top lieutenants are both having family troubles of their own. Frank Ford is sure his wife Alice is stepping out on him with an off-brand Keith Richards, Lear’s drinking buddy Falstaff. George Page’s daughter Anne is sneaking around with a scumbag called Oswald, and his bastard son Edmund is trying to screw his legitimate brother Edgar out of his inheritance. The rest is BEDLAM.
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