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In no specific order, here are my top movie picks for 2017.

Coco – Wait…So you can rock and still foster deeper interpersonal connections? Are you taking notes “I’m focusing on my career right now” person?

Logan – Wolverine finally gets to let it all out. Why didn’t anyone ask Wolverine how he was feeling before?

Life – Alien Covenant chose to focus on robots outsmarting humans when we really should be focusing on how to outsmart Silly Putty.

Okja – A great movie to watch after you utter the words “…But plants are alive too...”

Mother! – The most divisive movie of the year needs it’s counter: Trump!

Call Me By Your Name – Call me or personal message me if you would eat my peach.

Dunkirk – The best war movie of 2017. Oh, wait…I mean, the best horror movie of 2017.

To The Bone – What does it say about me that I identify so much with a story about a group of young people with eating disorders? We should have this conversation over a veggie burger.

The Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 – I have daddy issues too.

Get Out – ...of America.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri – “The movie is over? But I want to hang out with Frances and all of her friends more.” Sad Face…

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